NUTS Travel Announcement Party!

It’s time for a party, and we have an especially good reason to celebrate!

The past few months the Travel Committee has been discussing potential destinations for the next NUTS trip. After much deliberation they have decided on the forthcoming travel destination.

The announcement and celebration of the (still top-secret) travel destination of the 2015 NUTS trip, will be done during a great NUTS Travel Announcement Party on the 11th of December at Donovan’s! Be there to find out everything about the amazing trip our travel committee has in store for you!

Are you convinced you know the travel destination for our 2015 trip? Email your speculations to and win one of the delicious NUTS cocktails at the Travel Announcement Party!
Yes that’s right, Donovan’s has created our very own NUTS cocktail! Isn’t that great!? What’s even better is that all cocktails will be 2 for 1 till 12 ‘o clock! So you better bring some friends!

Everybody is welcome to come and celebrate, also if you are not sure whether you want to join the trip (even though we really hope you do!)


The Travel CommitteeNUTS Travel drinks poster-page-001

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