Dearest NUTSies,

Unfortunately the three lovely ladies Aziza, Julia, and Saskia will be leaving after the summer after a great year of running the NUTS board. That means that we’ll be looking for (at least) three new board members for the academic year 2016/2017!

Being in the NUTS board is a lot of fun. Apart from having a meeting with your fellow board members every week, you keep in touch with NUTS committees, organise events such as the Poetry & Music Night, and make sure that everyone studying English has the best time of their lives being a NUTS member! So are you a busybody who’s great at organising, communicating, and doing some mild administrative tasks? Do you want to not only improve your resumé (which, to be fair, those with a degree in the Arts could really use in this job market wink emoticon ) but have the best year of your life, getting to know so many awesome members of NUTS and working with a fantastic team behind the scenes? Then a position in the NUTS board might be the right thing for you!

Can’t wait to apply after reading this? Good! The only thing you have to do right now is to send an email to svnuts@gmail.com with a short motivation and your CV before the 1st of June.

We’re looking forward to reading your applications!

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