Programme Committee needs your help!

The Programme Committee needs your feedback!

Hopefully you already know that you can always contact us when there are issues with your courses, but this time around we’d like to get a bit more of a general sense of how things are really going in the English department. There are a lot of changes happening at the moment and we want to know what you think of them, which is why we’re organising a meeting…. Not the boring kind, though. But the kind where you come and complain, rant, compliment, or just listen, where you come and eat cookies while gossiping about courses (or teachers) with us and your fellow students!

It’ll be low-key but still confidential, social, but also kind of serious – because if there are issues, we can actively work to help you resolve them. Of course, for that you do need to come and talk to us!

The total time of the meeting will be two hours, and we (the members of the programme committee) will be there for the full two hours, but you can come (and leave) at any time you want. So, gather your friends, and come tell us everything that is wrong with the English department on the 1st of March!

– Zoë, Alice, Aubrey, and Marcella

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