NUTS is looking for committee members – the Activity Committee

Hey NUTSies!

As you all know, we are looking for new committee members for 2017/2018! We thought it would be nice to introduce the committees one by one, to give you a clearer picture of what the NUTS committees actually do!

Up first: The Activity Committee!

What do you do: organise and host most of the activities of the association, and think of new, interesting activities for the association.

The competences of an activity committee member are:

  • Organising: a member of the AC is good at organising events, which means he or she is able to oversee what needs to happen to successfully organise and host an event and is able to do those tasks in time.
  • Cooperation: a member of the AC can successfully cooperate with other members of the committee. He or she is open to the ideas of others, but can also critically analyse whether or not an idea is feasible, and knows how to communicate this to the other member. Communication in general is not a problem for an AC member.
  • Independence: although cooperation is of the utmost importance, an AC member is also able to perform tasks for the committee independently.

Furthermore, the activity committee is responsible for the success of the activities of the association, and responsible for creating activities that are interesting for all members!

We hope that many of you are considering to apply! Send your application to our e-mailaddress with a short motivation and your CV.

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