NUTS is looking for committee members – the Pub Quiz Committee

Hellooo NUTSies!

As you all know, we are looking for new committee members for 2017/2018! We thought it would be nice to introduce the committees one by one, to give you a clearer picture of what the NUTS committees actually do!

Thirdly: The Pub Quiz Committee!

As a committee member of the pub quiz committee, you: organise and host the monthly pub quiz, and you buy presents and print the answer sheets for the pub quiz!

The competences of a pub quiz committee member:

– Estimate the knowledge of the participants and create questions based on that: the PC is able to create questions that are neither too hard nor too easy; a participant mustn’t feel like he or she didn’t know anything at all, nor must they feel like they knew everything.

– Time-management: a member of the PC is able to create a pub quiz, buy presents and provide answer sheets in time for the pub quiz, as well as think of a theme two weeks in advance and discuss this with the Board.

– Cooperation: a member of the PC can successfully cooperate with other members of the committee. He or she is open to the ideas of others, but can also critically analyse whether or not an idea is feasible, and knows how to communicate this to the other
member. Communication in general is not a problem for a PC member.

Furthermore, the pub quiz committee is responsible for organising successful pub quizzes, and for providing everything that is needed for the pub quizzes.

(Make sure to check out this Tuesday’s pub quiz as well! It’s the last one of this academic year, so be there )

We hope that many of you are considering to apply! Send your application to with a short motivation and your CV.

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