Introduction day, last chance to join!

Hello new first-years!

Because of the late announcement of the introduction day, we wanted to give you until NOON TOMORROW! So if you still want to join, this is you last chance.

The NUTS introduction day will take place on Friday the 1st of September, right before the start of the academic year. Joining the intro day will be a great opportunity for you to get to know your fellow first year students and to be introduced to NUTS and its various activities throughout the year. During the day we’ll take you on an exciting trip through Groningen during the afternoon and end the day with dinner and drinks.

The costs of this day are €20,- for members, which includes lunch, dinner, and activities. To sign up, send an email to before Tuesday at noon, in which
you state your name, phone number, and food preferences/allergies. (please note: we have to make a reservation, so signing up is necessary)

The fee should be paid upfront and transferred to NL89 RABO 0346 2152 18. Once signed up, we’ll provide you with more information on the intro day as soon as possible.

We hope to see you there, and we will make sure you will have a great start of the academic year!

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