NUTS Lustrum!

Dear NUTSies,

NUTS is celebrating its 45th birthday next week and you are all invited! We have some special events planned for you:

  • 05/02: Germanic Beer Tasting @ Hoendiep Café 20:00
  • 06/02: Night of English Literature @ Van der Velde Grote Markt 19:30 (Sold out)
  • 07/02: Victorian Murder Mystery Dinner @ Kaap Noord 18:00 (Sold out)
  • 08/02: Roaring Twenties Party @ De Gulzige Kater 21:00
  • 09/02: 90s High School Brakfest @ Hoendiep Café 11:00

The Roaring Twenties Party is also open for non-members, so invite all your friends, colleagues, or siblings, and celebrate with us!

For tickets, send an email to and for more information, check the events on

We hope to see you all there!


The Lustrum Committee,

The NUTS Board


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