NUTS May Pub Quiz: Board Edition!

May pq

Dear NUTSies,

It’s almost that time of the year: time for the Board Pub Quiz! We have decided to make it a themed one, and figured there is one topic we are all experts on: procrastinating (hence this event going online 3 days late).

We’ve all been there: 4 essays due, 3 exams just around the corner, work, chores, whatever, but nothing is happening. For some reason it just seems more important to spend so much time scheduling everything that there is no time left to actually do things. Also, it is absolutely essential to rewatch all seasons of Game of Thrones to make sure you’re ready for next week’s episode.

After this month’s pub quiz, we will make sure we’re all pros at procrastinating!

When: 14 May 2019
Time: 21:00
Where: Café The Crown

This event is free for members and €2.50 for non-members

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