Committees 2022-2023

The Activity Committee 2022-2023

Beth Casserly – Chair
Julia Cambier – Secretary
Ella Verruijt – Treasurer

The activity committee is the creative brain behind the many fun NUTS events. From organising game nights to theme parties, they always try to make being a member of NUTS worthwhile!

The Pub Quiz Committee 2022-2023

Sézaïg – Chair
Harley Hartlief – Secretary
Sandra van Esch – Treasurer
Nora de Beer – Committee Member

The highlight of every month is of course the pub quiz. Check our instagram (@svnuts) for the location!

The Travel Committee 2022-2023

Beth Casserly – Chair
Lineke Adema – Secretary
Gabi Mitran – Treasurer
Julia Cambier – Committee Member

The Travel Committee will be organising this year’s trip. Keep an eye out for the destination announcement on our insta (@svnuts)!

The Lustrum Committee 2022-2023

Myrthe Voornhout -Chair
Yannick de Graaf 
– Secretary
Harley Hartlief 
– Treasurer
Sandra van Esch – Committee Member
Joppe van der Zwan 
– Committee Member
Nora Holstein – Committee Member

The Lustrum Committee is in charge of organizing events to celebrate that NUTS exists 50 years in 2023.

The Advisory Board 2022-2023

Desirée Lassche
Milou Pieterse
Myrthe Voornhout
Ellemieke Sigtermans

The Advisory Board consists of old board members and are there to help the current Board whenever needed.

The Audit Committee 2022-2023

Gerbrich Dijkstra
Myrthe Voornhout

The Audit Committee consists of old treasurers and are there to help and check the current treasurer.

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