Who are we?

NUTS has been the study association of the English department in Groningen for over 40 years, and we are still going strong! We try to make studying English as pleasant as possible and hope to accomplish this by organizing several fun activities throughout the year.                                                                                 

We have something to offer for every student: drinks, movie nights, career events, high-teas, parties, pub quizzes, and other social and educational activities. As a NUTS-member, you benefit from a discount on your study books at Studystore. Besides this, you get a discount or free entrance to our events. Our association offers you a listening ear, the opportunity to buy books at a reduced rate, countless exciting activities, and last but not least: the renowned annual trip to the UK or Ireland. In other words: joining NUTS will make your stay at the English department a lot easier and much more fun!

Check out this link to our very own NUTS theme song!

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