Committees 2018/2019

The Activity Committee 2018/2019

Yannick de Graaf – Chair
Sidra Haidari – Secretary
Jildou Siesling – Treasurer
Julia Smid – Committee Member

The activity committee is the creative brain behind the many fun NUTS events. From organising game nights to theme parties, they always try to make being a member of NUTS worthwhile! E-mail:

The Pub Quiz Committee 2018/2019

Myrthe Voornhout – Chair
Joey Verhaar – Secretary
Thirza van der Schans – Treasurer

The highlight of every month is of course the pub quiz at The Crown. Our very own pub quiz committee makes every pub quiz a fun night out competing with your fellow people of English.

The Travel Committee 2018/2019

Melissa Breedveld – Chair
Milou Pieterse – Secretary
Gerbrich Dijkstra – Treasurer

The Travel Committee will be organising this year’s trip abroad and is destined for great things, as the NUTS trips traditionally guarantee an amazing time. E-mail:

The Advisory Board 2018/2019

Charlotte Korten
Rodney Wierenga
Michelle Ruwen

Heidi Heinänen
Michelle Warta
Lysbeth de Boer

The Advisory Board consists of old board members and are there to help the current Board whenever needed.

The Audit Committee 2018/2019

Wesley Pechler
Ron Delker
Tjimka Hofstee

The Audit Committee consists of old treasurer and are there to help and check the current treasurer.