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Board applications are open until May 1st 2021!
To apply, send your CV and a motivation letter to
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Board one way or another.
You could email, send a message in the members chat, or direct message us on Instagram.

We hope to see you soon in your interview!

Check out the file below to see all the Board position’s job descriptions below!

Board Job Descriptions:

Board Job Descriptions

Hey there NUTSies!
On this page, we will be telling you a bit more about the different available positions on the Board. First up, it’s the chair position and I will tell you a bit about what I do as chair. 🪑
As chair, I’m responsible for the board and for the association in general. That might sound daunting, but trust me it’s a lot of fun! ✨
Generally, I organise and chair our weekly board meetings. I make sure that we discuss the things that need to be discussed and that the meetings go smoothly. Additionally, for the biannual GMA, I am responsible for presenting the plans and progress of the board as well as chairing the meeting itself. Besides that, I am responsible for the big decisions made by the board. Of course, we all get our say, but in the end, the final call is mine. Additionally, I keep up contact with chairs of other associations, both from the rug and from other Dutch universities. 😊
It’s been quite a lot of fun being chair and it’s so weird to already be looking for a candidate board. But, I hope that next year’s chair will have even more fun in their position with meetings and events being in person now and then. If you have any questions relating to the chair position or about a board year in general feel free to get in touch with me. ☺️ You can message me on WhatsApp personally, or send questions to any of the NUTS channels.
Lots of love
Ilse 💛🖤

Hey all, Thorvald here!
It’s my turn now to present my work as the NUTS secretary!😎
Being a secretary is loads of fun, and can be incredibly rewarding! During meetings, I make the minutes, meaning I make a neat and tidy list of everything we discussed (although I’m always sure to put some humour in there, my fellow board members can always use some🤡). During the GMA’s, I make detailed minutes but don’t worry, it is not as intimidating as it sounds! I also manage members together with the treasurer. It is always fun to see new members joining! Finally, all general contact with others through email and mail go through me, so the function of secretary is a social one as well!
I’ve had tons of fun as NUTS secretary, although of course this year went differently than a lot of us could have expected. The meetings with my fellow board members are always a blast, and I hope I’m not the only one of us that feels like we’ve not only become a good board together but also good friends 🙂
If this all sounds fun to you, you can always message or email me, and I will respond as soon as possible.
(Virtual) hugs

Hi dear NUTSies!
I will be telling you a bit more about being treasurer!💰
As treasurer I’m in charge of NUTS’s finances. This includes managing the bank account and cash, making a monthly overview of our spending and incomes and managing the members together with the secretary.
As treasurer I also make the annual budget, and half year update, which I present and explain at the GMAs. This is just an overview of what we plan on spending and how it is going.
Together with the external (when we have one) I sign and keep track of contracts we have with our lovely sponsors.
I know this might sound a bit daunting, working with numbers and budgets, but it’s really fun and I’ve learnt so much! I myself am not the best with numbers, but you get a ton of support from fellow/old board members, once you get the hang of it it’s really not hard!
This year obviously hasn’t been ideal, being mostly online, but you gain a great group of friends, and you learn so much!♥
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message through DMs or WhatsApp 🙂 If you’re interested in becoming next year’s treasurer, please send your CV and motivation to before the 1st of May.
Lots of love,

Hi everyone! I’m Desiree and today I’ll be telling you about my position as representative of Internal Affairs and what I do as part of the board!
As representative of Internal Affairs, I’m the first line of communication between the committees and the board. I relay the plans from the board to the committees and vice versa, and I make sure that the committees are on schedule with doing their tasks. In practice that means being in a bunch of committee group chats and staying in touch with the committees on a regular basis! Because we don’t have a Social Media/PR person this year, I also do a lot of the posts on social media, that is always a lot of fun to do.
In my humble opinion, Internal Affairs is the most fun position you can have in the board (don’t tell the other board members I said that… hehe) because you get to be in direct contact and get to know all of the lovely people in the committees that are so important to our association! Between that and my awesome fellow board members, I feel very lucky to be working with so many amazing people ❤️
If you want to know more about this position or what it’s like to do a board year, get in touch with me through the NUTS social media or WhatsApp!
Love Desi ❤️🧡

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