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Everyone can write a thesis. So can you. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. This is why Scriptiewijzer offers individualized counseling during the writing of a thesis.
While writing a thesis, you transition from student to professional. Because of this, Scriptiewijzer focuses on the road rather than the result. On this road, I encourage you to be autonomous and active, so that you can manage your own learning trajectory. In our feedback sessions, we talk and discuss the process, so that you can learn to take responsibility for the final result. In this way, you can create your own success!
As a member of SV NUTS you will receive a special discount.
Check for more information. If you want to know what Scriptiewijzer can mean for you personally, give them a call, or mail

De Ganze


As a NUTS member, you get a 10% discount at De Ganze! Get your bike fixed at Westerhaven or Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat, let them know you’re a NUTS member and save some money!

Shirt a la Minute

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Shirt a la Minute is the place for all your customized shirts! Known for its quick service, great quality, and low prices, it is the perfect place to print your designs. And, as NUTS member, you get an extra 10% discount!



If you want to order something from, Thuisbezorgd, or lots of other online stores, you can use this link to do so and sponsor NUTS at the same time! It won’t cost you anything extra, but would help us out a lot!

The Crown

As our official sponsor and NUTSies’ favorite habitat for a drink, a laugh, fun and the place to be for many of our events, The Crown deserves a special place on our website. Check out their Facebook page, so you are always up-to-date on whatever is going on in one of Groningen’s coziest pubs!



Pendora is a literary magazine that serves as an online platform for various writers and artists. The idea is to allow different writers to come together on Pendora and create an online community that shares fiction and non-fiction writing, as well as reviews, opinion pieces, and a blog (so far).

There is a Fiction page containing everything from flash fiction to poems, and a few pages like Artwork and Articles, containing everything else. Writers are welcome to contact them about submissions if they want to be featured on Pendora, if they are looking for a place to showcase their work, or even if they are interested in a long-term collaboration.

Fiction writers collaborate with their in-house artists to create original artwork for their short fiction of poems. There is a dedicated Artwork page where all this work is showcased. Their writers also share reviews on books, from classics to upcoming releases, articles about their reading experiences and other bookish things, as well as essays focused on particular reading of various texts.

The long-term goal of Pendora is of course to be published in print and be distributed to readers worldwide.

Don’t forget to follow them to find out what’s new on the website, and also on Instagram and Twitter @pendoramag