It is time for a drink!

Howdy everyone,

We have been going strong for quite a while now this academic year, so we think that the time has come to have some drinks. Put your books aside for just one second and come and join us at Party Café De Doos on the 29th of September at 20:30!

Before 12: Beer/wine/soda and spirits €1,50
After 12: Beer/wine/soda and spirits €1,80

We hope to see every single one of you lot there!

For more information, check the Facebook event.



The English Book Club in October

This year’s book clubs will take place every third monday of the month, and the date of the first book club of this year has thus been set: the 20th of October. This month, Aline and Esmé will take you with them on a journey through the United States in Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel On The Road. The meeting will start at 19:00 at the canteen of the Harmony building, and coffee and tea will be provided.

Do not hesitate a single moment longer and run to the library/local bookshop and get yourself a copy! Happy reading and see you on the 20th of October!


Introduction Day!

The year has started, and that means that a lot of new students have joined us!
To give all the new students a chance to get to know each other, we had a great introduction day on August 28.

Want to get an impression of the day? Take a look at the pictures here



Trip Abroad

Every year, NUTS organises a trip to the United Kingdom or Ireland. Places we visited in previous years include Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin. The question remains, where to next?

You can play a part in this by applying for the Travel Committee! The Travel Committee offers a great opportunity for students who like to travel and would like to play an active role in organising another fantastic trip abroad. If you are interested, please send us an email at!

To get an impression of  the NUTS trips, check out this video of our visit to Edinburgh in 2013:

By Lieneke Zondervan & David Koster


The NUTS Board

The NUTS Book Club

Dearest all,

Good news! The NUTS Book Club will continue! Aline Douma and Esmé van den Boom have entered our Book Club Committee and will be taking care of you and your crave for literature (and let’s not forget Tjitske Kingma’s moral support and catering).

The poll for the very first book of this year is online, so don’t hesitate a single moment longer and join the Book Club on Facebook! See the link here

Enjoy this year’s Book Club gatherings and keep reading!


First Pubquiz of the Year!

The start of the new academic year is near and that can only mean one thing: PUBQUIZ TIME!

The first pubquiz of this year will take place on Tuesday the 2nd of September. The battle of first place will start at 21:00 at O’Malley’s Irish Pub. Entrance is free for NUTS members, non-members pay €2,50. 

We hope you will all be there to begin the year on a high!

Click here for the Facebook event



Thoughts on Would they lie to you

Read here what Natasha Witto wrote about last year’s comedy show Would they lie to you in her column:

STHH (11 of 18)           STHH (8 of 18)

Would They Lie to You?
Some of you might be familiar with the show ‘Would I Lie to You?’ by BBC. Well that night (28/5), the ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’ and nuts present the audience ‘Would They Lie to You?’.
I’ve been here since September and ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’ comedy group has always brighten my days. I still remember them performing during the welcoming ceremony day, making it different than other university’s introduction.
This time, once I heard they are going to perform I reserved a ticket right away. In addition, two highly respected professor from RuG is going to perform as the competing team captains; John Flood and Hans.
How does the show work?
There are two competing teams (plus the audience) in the show. Each member will tell his story that might be true. The audience and the rival team have to decide whether it is a lie or not. If either guessed correctly, a point is rewarded. It was really tricky since most of the stories are just bizarre. Who would ever guess that John Flood had slept in the Arc Bishop’s bed? It was even more interesting when we have to guess whose story the team was telling. For instance, all of them admitted they were in a gang, but only one was actually telling the truth.
After two halves of full laugh I went home with my friend, feeling really lighten up. That night, I learnt a lot of strange facts. However, was that all? Definitely not, because stranger things have happened in this town.