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Hi everyone,

The summer break is nearing its conclusion. It is sad, but it is true. Allow us to brighten up your day, as we can announce that the Studystore webshop has officially been opened!

From now on, NUTS members can order their books through our new Studysture webshop with a 20% discount! Just click on the Studystore button in the top menu and select the books from your respective reading list. 

Enjoy the last remaining (or should I say raining) days of summer and see you all soon!


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Sad News, Dear Members!!

Janne and Rianne are going abroad next year and thus have to resign from the NUTS-board. Read here what it meant to them to be (board)members of NUTS

Janne: “Nuts is where I actually got to know the people I sat next to in class. There are so many interesting students going through the same things, but it can be hard to socialise, especially in the first year. After attending the first pub quiz of the year I have hardly ever missed one for the rest of my study. Looking back on my time as a member up until now, I think the NUTS-trip to Edinburgh was definitely a highlight. I will cherish that trip and and the friends I made for ever. Becoming a member was a logical step in my second year, as I felt connected to the association and its members. I loved organising events like the poetry and music night, the Would They Lie to You-Comedy show with STHH and the monthly pub quizzes, because those are the occasions in which the entire English Department can just have fun and enjoy. I hope someone will follow in my footsteps who will experience equal joy in his or her function and keeps striving for a flourishing organisation that is there for its students. In fact, I might actually miss the board-meetings most! Apart from heated discussions, there is always time for fun and friendliness in the NUTS-board. I will miss everyone so very much when I leave to join Newcastle’s Geordies!”

Rianne: “Because I did not know any of my fellow students when starting my BA of English Language and Culture, I decided to become a member of Nuts. I soon realised that this was the ideal way to get to know my classmates and to make new friends. At first, I was a bit insecure about attending pub quizzes and events where I did not know anyone, but after the first time these feelings totally went away. During the trip to Edinburgh, I made friends with a wonderful group of people, who are now like my second family in Groningen . Because I wanted my fellow students to experience this as well, and because I wanted to contribute to our studies in general, I decided to join the Nuts board in May of last year. I have really enjoyed organising events and thinking about ways to improve different (social and academic) aspects of the English department. As a board member, I can honestly say that I look back to a great year in which we have achieved a lot. One of the big highlights of my year on the board is definitely the Would They Lie to You show we organised with STHH; it felt so great to see so many people enjoying themselves at an event that we organised. Right now, I am still very much looking forward to the last Nuts events of this year, in particular the trip to Dublin. I hope that there are other students of English who share my passion for organising events and bringing students together. Being on the board of Nuts does not only look good on your CV (because come on we all have to start thinking about these things someday, right?), but it will also ensure you of new friendships and a lot of fun times to look back to! 
Hopefully until next year, Nutsies!”

We are looking for new enthusiastic board-members who can replace Rianne and Janne in their functions and dedication. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think that person might be you.

Preparing is Half the Fun

Dearest Dubliners,

Are you too looking forward to visiting Dublin, so very very much? Then you might also be wondering what to do with the remaining two weeks until our departure for the City of Literature. In order to prepare for all the exciting things we will encounter on our path it is a good idea to explore Ireland’s rich literary tradition. You might enjoy reading the work of poets like W. B. Yeats, Ezra Pound, or T. S. Eliot. If you are interested in modernist literature, Samuel Beckett might be what you are looking for, and if novels are your cup of tea do open one of James Joyce’s masterpieces and learn a thing or two about his view on Dublin. This is also the right time to acquaint yourself with Oscar Wilde, both his poetry and prose: the Picture of Dorian Gray is a good read indeed.

If you feel like the weather is too hot to lift your arm whilst flipping pages you can opt for films about Irish culture and history. Watching films helps to refresh your knowledge about Irish history, especially episodes like the Irish Uprisings and Bloody Sunday, as depicted in Paul Greengrass’s film Bloody Sunday (2002). A must-see for fans of animation films is the beautiful The Secret of Kells (2009), directed by Tom Moore. This gem tells about the book of Kells, one of Ireland’s most precious treasures, which is presently kept in the library of Trinity College, which we will be visiting.

have fun preparing!


(Still from The Secret of Kells)


Bram Stoker – Dracula

Dubliners, Finnegans Wake, Ulysses – James Joyce

Waiting for Godot – Samuel Beckett

The Sea – John Banville

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – John Boyne

The Waste Land – T. S. Eliot

Angela’s Ashes – Frank McCourt

Bloody Sunday (2002) – Paul Greengrass

The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006) – Ken Loach

The Secret of Kells (2009) – Tom Moore





Summer School: ‘Things that Matter’

From the 23rd to the 26th of June the University of Groningen will host the summer school ‘Things that Matter’. This summer school aims to examine recent developments in the field of Material Culture Studies and to see what these developments signify for the research into history as a whole. This summer school will specifically address the following three themes: fashion cultures, the material legacy of slavery and colonialism, and the material legacy of medical knowledge practices. The study of objects can provide historians with crucial information about the social context of other topics of historical and related research.

Are you interested in Material Culture Studies and what it can do for you? Then sign op before the 15th of June for the entire summer school or attend one of the various day schools that do not require you to sign up beforehand and that only cost €10,- a day.

Further information can be found on:

check out the Flyer here!

28th of May: Would They Lie to You?


Hi there!

Just one more night until the improv comedy show “Would They Lie to You?”, starring John Flood and Hans Jansen and the Strangers from STHH! We hope you are as excited as we are!

If you have not reserved your tickets yet, you can still do so by sending an email to Please note: you can only pay by cash.

The ticket prices are:
Regular: €7,50
NUTS Members: €5,00

The show will take place at Huis “De Beurs” on the 28th of May and starts at 21:00 (the doors open at 20:00).

We hope to see you all tomorrow night!

Surprise, surprise!


What a surprise, yesterday, for a couple of NUTS-members who went to Pathé’s sneak-preview! Little did we know that there would be two sneak previews that night. This epic shortfilm premiers this saturday, and even if you are not interested in learning about the history of the RUG you can always try to spot familiar faces, recognise places in Groningen you have often cycled by, or discover Hans Jansen’s acting skills even before the ‘Would They Lie to You’-Show, next week! special credits for NUTS-member Eva Meijboom whom we nominate as best supporting actress.