NUTS Travel Announcement Party!

It’s time for a party, and we have an especially good reason to celebrate!

The past few months the Travel Committee has been discussing potential destinations for the next NUTS trip. After much deliberation they have decided on the forthcoming travel destination.

The announcement and celebration of the (still top-secret) travel destination of the 2015 NUTS trip, will be done during a great NUTS Travel Announcement Party on the 11th of December at Donovan’s! Be there to find out everything about the amazing trip our travel committee has in store for you!

Are you convinced you know the travel destination for our 2015 trip? Email your speculations to and win one of the delicious NUTS cocktails at the Travel Announcement Party!
Yes that’s right, Donovan’s has created our very own NUTS cocktail! Isn’t that great!? What’s even better is that all cocktails will be 2 for 1 till 12 ‘o clock! So you better bring some friends!

Everybody is welcome to come and celebrate, also if you are not sure whether you want to join the trip (even though we really hope you do!)


The Travel CommitteeNUTS Travel drinks poster-page-001

NUTS Pubcrawl!

PubcrawlHi everyone!

On the 20th of November we’ll be hosting a pubcrawl! Let’s forget about all those (failed) exams and get drunk together! We’ll meet at the Grote Markt at 20:30 and we’ll be going to the following places: Partycafé De Doos, Café Ome Ko, Café het Vaatje, O’Malleys and many more! And for Nuts members: there will be discounts and free shots!

We hope to see you there!


Poetry and Music Night


Once again NUTS is co-hosting the annual Poetry and Music Night! This year the specatacle is on the 8th of December. If you would like to showcase your musical talent or perhaps recite a poem, please send us an email at before the 20th of November!

It is time for a drink!

Howdy everyone,

We have been going strong for quite a while now this academic year, so we think that the time has come to have some drinks. Put your books aside for just one second and come and join us at Party Café De Doos on the 29th of September at 20:30!

Before 12: Beer/wine/soda and spirits €1,50
After 12: Beer/wine/soda and spirits €1,80

We hope to see every single one of you lot there!

For more information, check the Facebook event.



The English Book Club in October

This year’s book clubs will take place every third monday of the month, and the date of the first book club of this year has thus been set: the 20th of October. This month, Aline and Esmé will take you with them on a journey through the United States in Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel On The Road. The meeting will start at 19:00 at the canteen of the Harmony building, and coffee and tea will be provided.

Do not hesitate a single moment longer and run to the library/local bookshop and get yourself a copy! Happy reading and see you on the 20th of October!


Introduction Day!

The year has started, and that means that a lot of new students have joined us!
To give all the new students a chance to get to know each other, we had a great introduction day on August 28.

Want to get an impression of the day? Take a look at the pictures here