NUTS Newsletter May

Dear NUTSies,

It’s the first Monday of the month, so you know what that means: a new newsletter! This month you get to meet our amazing Travel Committee! They’re in charge of our trip to Edinburgh this July, and they’re doing a great job 

There is still one spot left for our trip to Edinburgh, so if you want to join, contact!

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NUTS May Pub Quiz: Board Edition!

May pq

Dear NUTSies,

It’s almost that time of the year: time for the Board Pub Quiz! We have decided to make it a themed one, and figured there is one topic we are all experts on: procrastinating (hence this event going online 3 days late).

We’ve all been there: 4 essays due, 3 exams just around the corner, work, chores, whatever, but nothing is happening. For some reason it just seems more important to spend so much time scheduling everything that there is no time left to actually do things. Also, it is absolutely essential to rewatch all seasons of Game of Thrones to make sure you’re ready for next week’s episode.

After this month’s pub quiz, we will make sure we’re all pros at procrastinating!

When: 14 May 2019
Time: 21:00
Where: Café The Crown

This event is free for members and €2.50 for non-members

NUTS Pool!


Dear NUTSies,

Join us on the 9th of May for some relaxing pool! It’s the perfect opportunity for a fun night out, mixed with a bit of competition! Do you have 0 pool skills? No worries, so do we.

When: 9 May 2019
Time: 20:00
Where: Cue Action, Schuitendiep 21

We’re still working to get a good deal for you all, so keep an eye out for the costs!

NUTS Night of English Literature!


Dear NUTSies,

It is finally here, the third edition of the Night of English Literature! This year’s edition is themed Spoof & Satire, and will include lectures by Dr Hans Jansen, Dr John Flood and Prof. Dr. Richard Lansdown. We also have some amazing people from Groningen University Theatre Society – GUTS coming by!

You can get your tickets by emailing us at, and transfering the money to SVNUTS (NL89 RABO 0346 2152 18). This event is €2 for members and €4 for non-members. Do make sure you get your tickets in time, as tickets are limited! The lovely people from Van der Velde Boeken Groningen, locatie Grote Markt will provide us with drinks, which you can pay for with card and cash.

If all of the above wasn’t yet enough to convince you to come, there will also be a 10% discount on all English books during the event!

Doors will open at 20:00, the event starts at 20:30!

NUTS Life After English!

alumni night

Dear NUTSies,

Tired of having your family members pester you about career options and future plans? So are we. So to make sure you have a proper come back next time, we have organised a night all about Life After English!

We have a number of alumni coming in to tell you all about their path after graduating. It’s not just about where they are now, but, more importantly, how they got there, and the obstacles they may or may not have run into. The night will be very relaxed and informal, so there is plenty of space for all your questions!

When: 25 April 2019
Time: 20:30
Where: TBA

NUTS Board & Committee Info Night!

Board Application2(2)

Dear NUTSies,

NUTS is looking for new board and committee members! To give you a better idea of what this entails, we have organized an info night! This will be held at Hoendiep Café, which means it is a fun and informal setting, so no lectures on our part!

If you are considering to join the board, the Travel Committee, Activity Committee, Pub Quiz Committee, or the Intro Committee, you can just drop by for a drink and shoot any question you have our way!

When: 23 April 2019
Where: Hoendiep Café
Time: 21:00

NUTS Newsletter April

Here’s another newsletter for you! Check it out below, on our website, or in your inbox. Good luck with exams and don’t forget to take a break every now and then to enjoy the weather!

Newsletter AprilNewsletter April2

NUTS Yoga!


Dear NUTSies,

Exams are approaching, which means it’s time for another yoga session! As per usual, we’ve got the lovely Catharine Haitzmann coming in to help you relax and make sure you get through your exams as stress-free as possible!

Do bring your own yoga mat!

When: 27 March 2019
Time: 15:00-16:00
Where: TBA

This event is free for members and €2.50 for non-members

NUTS March Pub Quiz: Travel Edition!


Dear NUTSies,

It’s time to get EXCITED because we have a very special announcement for you today!

On Tuesday March 12th our lovely Travel Committee will be organising a trip-themed pub quiz at The Crown! It will start at 21:00 and lasts till up and about 23:00. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow travelers and to share in the excitement and anticipation. On top of that, there will be a fun prize for the winning team!

If you have any questions left about the trip you will be able to ask them, and if you have any fun activity ideas yourself you could bring them to our attention as well – we are always open to ideas!

So get your Scottish trivia knowledge ready and we hope to see you all on March 12th at The Crown!

Are you not joining our trip this year? Then don’t worry, you’re still more than welcome to join this pub quiz!

This event is free for members and €2.50 for non-members.