Pre-Master Students

Dear Pre-Master students,

SV NUTS, the study association of the English department, welcomes you all to the University, and to the beautiful city of Groningen!

Study Association NUTS has been around for almost 50 years and we aim to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment that is, above all, extremely fun! We organize all sorts of events throughout the academic year. Our smaller, recurring events include drinks, pub quizzes, pub crawls, board game night, high teas, karaoke, and so much more. Our major events are the Night of English Literature which is a fun night in the beautiful Van der Velde bookstore after hours, and the Poetry and Music night, which is an open podium where people can show off their poetic and musical talents. And best of all, each year our Travel Committee organizes a fun and exciting trip abroad towards the end of the academic year.  

Introduction Activities

In the first week of the academic year (September 5-9), several NUTS events will be organized for you by our Introduction Committee. At these events, you will get a chance to meet ELC students and NUTS members from all years. You can find the exact schedule for this week on the Event Calendar. Here you can also find any future events that NUTS has planned and our instagram where we post any promotion for events so be sure to keep your eye on it!


So you’ve decided to become a NUTS member? Awesome! The NUTS membership fee is €15,- per year. To join NUTS, please fill out this Google Form.

and transfer the sum of €15,- to our bank account: NL89 RABO 0346 2152 18. Please mention ‘Membership 2022-2023 [Your Full Name]’ in the description, to make sure we will receive it properly.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as a member of NUTS, and hope you will have a great time studying English at the University of Groningen!

Contact Details

All information concerning events, membership, and more can be found on our website To keep up to date with the association you can find us on Instagram (@svnuts) or Facebook (Board SV NUTS). If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to

With all that said, enjoy your summer and we hope to see you in September!


The 48th and 49th Board of SV NUTS

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