Click on the Studystore header in order to go to the Studystore and buy your books for the upcoming block!

Only as a member of NUTS you can order your books via our very own Studystore with a pleasant discount! To order your books, click on ‘Studystore’. There you’ll find a login page where you can create a Studystore account. When you log in, you need to select your year of study and the block for which you want to order books. Subsequently, all the books you’ll need for that period will appear! If you want to double-check if you got every book you need, you can consult If you have any further questions, you can always email us or message us on Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp (you can find our contact details below). The shop for the first block has already opened, so you can find all the books you need right away.

For the third years and master students, you will have to search your books specifically through the search bar on top because there are too many optional courses to make a clear book list.

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